chicken coop

This chicken coop has major character! 6 things that take it over the top

This chicken coop isn’t your average backyard shed.

You probably know someone who has a backyard chicken coop, but is that hen house a party house? The Cadillac of chicken homes might be in the backyard of one Studio 5 guest.

Emilie Peterson has just finished a big spring project, and her creativity might inspire you.

Find more ideas from Emilie on Instagram, @emiliepeterson.


Keeping busy as a homemaker, mother and grandmother is how Emilie Peterson thrives. Emilie is known for cooking and feeding everyone, just ask the neighbors. She is a lover of creative projects, frozen coke, and is absolutely obsessed with Halloween. Married for 30 years, Emilie lives in a small little green valley in Central Utah. She is blessed with 3 kids and almost 6 grandkids. (Yay!) Emilie celebrates two years sharing her knowledge of happy living with Studio 5 viewers. Find Emilie on Instagram @emiliepeterson.

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