Chocolate Ganache Ice Cream Cake

Chocolate ganache gives an ordinary ice cream cake, gourmet appeal.
Chocolate GanacheCherry Bordeaux Ice Cream Cake
1 chocolate cake recipe or cake mix
3 quarts cherry Bordeaux ice cream
5 ounces white chocolate or chips (scant1 cup chopped)*
1 1/2 cups whipping cream
9 ounces chocolate or chocolate chips (about 1 1/3 cups chopped)*

Prepare and bake cake according to recipe or package directions – bake in a tall spring-
form pan (approximately 4-inches tall by 10-inch diameter). NOTE: Cake may be baked in
two or four round cake pans; I prefer the tall spring-form pan, which is ideal to help create
the tall straight stacked ice cream cake shape; and cake is more easily removed from pan.

Cool cake completely and cut in four even layers. To assist in cutting even layers, measure
and insert toothpicks around cake edge to guide the knife as you cut the layers. Place cake
layers in freezer while ice cream is tempering and spring-form pan is being prepared.

Cut 5-inch wide strips of heavy aluminumfoil. Place foil strips inside spring-form pan to
extend pan heights above the pan rim; set aside.

Temper ice cream by placing in refrigerator for 20-30 minutes prior to use. Spoon
approximately 1 quart ice cream into a mixing bowl and stir to soften. Place bottom layer
of cake in prepared pan, spread the prepared ice cream over cake layer. Repeat process
with remaining cake layers and ice cream; end with a layer of cake on top. Freeze cake 4-8
hours, or longer. Cake should be firmly frozen.

White chocolate ganache: chop or shave white chocolate and place in a mixing bowl. In a
small saucepan, heat 1/2-cup cream over medium heat. Just before cream begins to foam
or boil (do not allow cream to boil over) remove from heat and pour over white chocolate;
whisk until smooth and chocolate is melted (a hand held blender works well for this step).
Slightly cool, but do not allow chocolate to set up.

Remove ice cream cake from spring-form pan and foil; place cake on a wire rack over a
cookie sheet. Spoon the white ganache around top outside edge of cake, allowing ganache
to drip down sides of cake. Work quickly to avoid ice cream from melting. If needed gently
spread white ganache around cake sides. The goal is to allow the white drips to reach the
bottom of the cake, or by spreading the ganache, create a white layer on the side of the
cake. Freeze cake.

Prepare chocolate ganache in the same manner as white chocolate ganache, using the
remaining 1 cup cream. Pour chocolate ganache over cake. Start at center of cake and work
outward allowing ganache to drip down sides of cake. Refreeze cake.

The name is as full as the flavor of this delightful summer treat! Serves 16-20
*I prefer good quality chocolate that I chop and weigh, for accuracy and more consistent
results. But, good quality chocolate chips may be substituted. Chocolate may be milk
chocolate, semi-sweet or dark chocolate.

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