Christmas Eve Survival Guide

The Studio 5 Christmas Eve Survival Guide is here to save the day.

Schedule a personalize phone call from Santa, a snowman or even Tony Stewart. We’re still not sure how Tony ties in with Christmas. You will need to log in ahead of time and schedule your call. You can select from a list of names so that the call is personalized. This is provided by Smith’s and you will need to register first.

Listen to the Carol of the Chins. This website lets you pick Christmas songs and the Chin Kids sing them for you. If you look closely, you can see that the two “kids” are actually adults who are upside down. You are seeing their mouths and chin, but the eyes are located on the chin. Kids and adults can get hooked typing in Christmas songs to see if the kids know them. Some of our favorites include 12 Days of Christmas, Carol of the Bells, and Angels We Have Heard on High.

The Countdown to Christmas is a great way to pass the time. This is on the Kmart website. Click on the Countdown to Christmas icon and then try your hand at the Gift Jumper game or Elfspeak where you can record your voice and then it plays back like an elf.

Elf Yourself. This is a classic website where you can take your own face and put in on the body of a dancing elf. You can create up to five elves dancing.

An oldie but goodie is the penguin bash. A word of warning, this game involves an abominable snowman creature hitting penguins with a club to see how far they go. So if your little ones might not get into that, skip it. But this game is harmless. The penguins look like they enjoy diving off the mountain and flying through the air after being struck.

Forget about shuffling faces. Try shuffling face parts. You can create hundreds of thousands of faces just by clicking. Just in time for the New Year, get a new face.

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