cinnamon rolls

Give your cinnamon rolls a cute pumpkin shape! Here’s the one craft supply you’ll need…

These are the cutest cinnamon rolls you’ve ever seen!

They’re almost too cute to eat! These pumpkin cinnamon rolls are a sweet treat you’ll remember—accomplished with one simple crafting supply.

Amy Lund, also known as The Dough Lady, shares the technique to getting the perfect pumpkin shape.

To order Amy’s frozen take-and-bake dough, follow her on Instagram @doughladyslc, or on her website, Dough pre-orders open up each Friday. She also does pickup, delivery, and catering. If frozen isn’t your jam, you can find fresh rolls throughout the week at a few local coffee shops and at Jolley’s Pharmacy.


People line the streets to get their hands on Amy’s treats! Amy learned how to bake from her mom. While it first started as a way for her to get her baking fix, it quickly turned into a lot more than expected. She launched in November of 2020, and quit her job in October of 2021 to take on the dough full time. Amy sells frozen take and bake sweet roll dough in a variety of flavors, all created by her! The menu always offers their staples: cinnamon, blueberry lemon, caramel banana cream, and pecan sticky buns. But, they also rotate in various flavors, like Fruity Pebble, brown butter Rice Krispie, raspberry lemon, peach cobbler, and peanut butter Oreo. The Dough Lady has grown by word of mouth and Instagram.

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