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propagate your plants
Mandi Gubler

Clip one, create more! Propagate your plants with this advice from an expert

You can propagate your plants with a little know how.

We start today with something for the plant mamas out there. It’s time to have the courage to clip, and when you clip, you create. Learning a little about propagating houseplants is very rewarding. Not to mention FREE!

Mandi Gubler, founder of Happy Happy Houseplant, and Vintage Revivals shares her expertise.

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Mandi Gubler is a self-taught plant mama. Her houseplant collection has reached “jungle status” and is a main feature of her gorgeous commercial renovation project, The Merc. It is now where she resides with her family and houseplants. The story of The Merc has just been released on Magnolia network episode 1 on the show “In with the Old.” It can be viewed on Discovery+. Mandi is also the founder of one of the original, and wildly successful DIY blogs called Vintage Revivals. Find Mandi at and

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