Coffee Filter Crafts

Creating Keepsakes, Creative Editor, Megan Hoeppner shares five easy ways to turn coffee filters into fun and whimsical décor!

Supplies Needed:
Create a variety of fun projects with just a few simply supplies. Here’s what you’ll need:

• Coffee Filters (round and cone)

• Spray Mist in Various Colors

• Assorted Beads

• String, Rope or Twine

Coloring Technique:

To transform a basic white coffee filter into a colorful craft piece, simply spray it with spray mist and allow it to dry. Spray mist is made by several scrapbook companies, including the following:

• Glimmer Mist by Tattered Angels

• Smooch by Clearsnap

• Shimmerz Spritz by Shimmerz

• Maya Mist by Maya Road

Project #1:

Home Banner

Technique to Note: Create texture and dimension by layering a crumpled filter on a flat one of the same color.

Project #2:

Colorful Garland

Technique to Note: Group a stack of each color together on your garland string by knotting one end, threading the bundle on the string, and securing it in place with a second knot.

Project #3:

Filter Butterflies

Technique to Note: Glue together two cone filters to create the larger bottom wing and use a single filter for the smaller top wing. Also, for a more decorative edge, cut the wings with pinking sheers or decorative edge scissors.

Project #4:

Filter Umbrella

Technique to Note: Create a weighted handle for your umbrella by knotting the end of a piece of string and threading on coordinating beads, followed by another knot. Also, give your umbrella more life by layering two filters to create your umbrella, and crease the pieces to give it a more umbrella-like shape.

Project #5:

Filter Lantern

Technique to Note: Mimic the look of a Chinese lantern by first threading a few beads on a string, and then stack a bunch of sprayed filters (some crumpled some flat) to form the lantern shape.

Ideas for Projects:

• Hang these projects in your window for bright party decor.

• Hosting a shower? Tie a bunch of butterflies in your front tree to mark your house as the happy location.

• Decorate a graduation party tent with brilliant “lanterns,” strung with pretty twinkle lights.

• Make filter banners in classic colors for stylish and affordable wedding decor.

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