Common Insurance Coverage Questions

We often think of insurance as just something we get because we have to,
and we don’t think about it until a claim arises. So all the common insurance
questions just go unanswered.

Teri Paulson, an insurance agent with Integrated Insurance Solutions answers
some of the more common questions.

What happens if I let my friend borrow my car and he gets in an

The insurance follows the vehicle not the driver. That’s why I threaten my
teenaged drivers all the time about never letting anyone else drive your car.
Because I know my auto insurance will pay if there are involved in an

Does Comprehensive Coverage covers mechanical problems?

Comprehensive Coverage pays for damages to your car that is not a direct
result of an auto accident, such as theft or vandalism. But comprehensive
damage does not cover your brakes – that is on you.

Does auto insurance cover my cell phone and personal articles that may
be stolen out of my car?

Personal articles are not usually covered under an auto policy. You can add
an endorsement to the policy for a min. cost that will cover personal articles.
Your homeowners insurance or renter’s insurance policy may also cover
those personal articles.

Is it really cheaper to buy insurance online?

You may think you are saving money buying an insurance policy online, but I
have found that most people, who have bought a policy online, really don’t
have coverage that will protect them when they have a claim. For instance,
the State of Utah requires only $50,000.00 in bodily injury coverage. People
who carry minimum or state limits are asking for a lawsuit. $50,000 in
medical bills is nothing these days. Our agency suggests a min of $100,000
in bodily injury coverage. As local insurance agency, we analyze the current
insurance policy and then make recommendations so when a claim occurs;
our insured’s will have the best claims experience possible.

Teri is an agent with Auto-Owners Insurance and has been with them for
more than 10 years. They have been rated “Highest in Customer Satisfaction
with the Auto Insurance Claims Experience, Four Years in a Row” according to
J.D. Power and Associates. The claims process is crucial. Making sure we are
getting our customers their payments, and handling the process quickly is so
important. She has always said that paying claims is why we are business. To
get people back to where they started before they claim. So working with a
company that is highest in customer satisfaction for that process is a very big

Even though Auto Owners is one of the largest insurance companies in the
nation they operate like a smaller organization. They answer their phones;
they return calls promptly and treat my clients so amazing. Auto Owners has
a local claims office in Draper, so insureds get their claims handled quickly
and efficiently.

To get in touch with Teri, call (801) 487-3000. Her office with Integrated
Insurance Solutions is located at 33rd South and 33rd East (3191 South
Valley) #206 in Salt Lake.

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