Confidence in the Kitchen

Studio 5 Contributor Laura Wolford reveals her top 5 tricks to build your confidence.

1. Have a “no-fail” recipe you rely on when company comes. Don’t try something you haven’t tried before. Go for the “tried and true”.

2. Learn specific ‘culinary’ techniques, such as; sautéing; proper cutting, chopping and mincing techniques; specific grilling tips etc. You can find so much information about every culinary technique by visiting sites like Epicurious or Bon Appétit. They have videos, podcasts and instructions on virtually every aspect of cooking. There are also ‘foodie’ type blogs that are useful and interesting – you can Google anything and get the answer.

3. Have a food dictionary with your library of cookbooks. I have to buy every edition of the ‘Food Lover’s Companion’, published by BARRON’S. It’s a comprehensive guide to everything food! A must have!!

4. My spice chart! Down load it today! (These cards are located as part of the “Online Extra”.

5. If you’ve been cooking for more than two years, start cooking without a cookbook. It will free you in the kitchen, you will begin to enjoy cooking and create dishes that you and your family love! Use your cookbooks for good reading and ideas, then put them away and get cooking.

Laura’s recipes for relish are located under the “recipe” section of Studio 5’s website. To download her “Recipe Inspiration Cards” go to the “Online Extra” offer on the main page.

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