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Connect with the moms of your kid’s friends! 3 ways you can start building this relationship

Connect with the moms in your kid’s friend groups.

There’s a lot more to it than a carpool swap or sending your child over to their place to hang.

Studio 5 Contributor Kelly Jensen is advocating for a relationship that often gets overlooked. In this girlfriend guide, we’re covering how to connect with your kid’s friends’ moms. It takes confidence, courage, and a little bit of persistence. But with a little elbow grease, Kelly says you can have a good girlfriend group in no time.

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3 Suggestions for Connecting with Your Kid’s Friend’s Moms

Put yourself out there

Kelly says to be proactive about introducing yourself. Initiate conversation and try to remember important things—even drop a reminder in your phone if it helps.

Don’t give up

Kelly says to be patient with yourself and with them. You aren’t going to click with everyone, because no everyone is in the same place you are or needs the same friendships.

Care and connect

Kelly says that the biggest thing is to love their kids. Tell them how great you think they are. When you see their kids doing something well, tell their parents.


How Moms of All Ages Can Connect

For New Moms

  • Make a hiking group.
  • Have a girls night out.
  • Make a Marco Polo naptime group. Send videos to each other when the babies are asleep.
  • Join a mommy and me class, and invite others.
  • Use social media to connect.


For Moms with Young Kids

  • Plan a park date. Bring your own lunches and snacks.
  • Go to the splash pad.
  • Plan a stroller walk together.
  • Meet up at a local trampoline park.
  • Have a freezer meal party. Have everyone bring a few batches of their favorite freezer meal, and swap while you get together. Go home with a few different freezer meals, ready to heat and serve.
  • Organize an ABC picnic or an end of summer party.


For Moms with Older Kids

  • Be friendly on the sideline. Take photos. Have the team over and ask for help with food from parents.
  • Get involved in dances and taking pictures.
  • Plan a service activity and reach out to parents.
  • Plan a lunch to get to know parents.

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