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‘You’re the right woman for the job.’ 5 reasons you’re the perfect mom for your kids

We often don’t feel like the perfect mom, but for our kids, we are.

“Sometimes we doubt. Sometimes we only see where we fall short. Sometimes we look around and we feel others might be better at our role than we are.”

These words from Studio 5 Parenting Contributor Heather Johnson resonate with many of us. She firmly believes that you are the right woman for the job, whether as a mother, grandmother, sister, or aunt. 


May is the month we celebrate moms. Above all, women just want to be seen for the work they’re doing. Heather said, “We want to be seen. We also want to know that we’re making a difference, that what we’re doing really is enough, and that it’s making an impact.”

“Moms don’t just give – they pour,” host Brooke Walker acknowledged. Sometimes when we’re pouring it all in, we start to gauge what we’re pouring in according to what we get back.

Heather explained, “To recognize, I’m going to pour everything I can in, and it doesn’t mean anything about what I get back. Just because the output doesn’t equal the input, or feels like it doesn’t, does not disvalue what you’re doing as a mom or grandma.”

You’re the Right Woman for the Job Because…

You Have the Job

“I am a mother to six children. That is who I am. It automatically qualifies me for that position because I’m in it,” Heather said.  Embracing your role will you help you to wrap your arms around it.

You Make Sacrifices for Them

You also are qualified because you make sacrifices for them every day. You sacrifice time and energy and money and sleep. Heather explained, “When we make sacrifices, it equates to gaining more compassion. When we gain more compassion, we actually gain more humility.” Humility and compassion qualify you as mom or grandma more than few things can.

You Strive

“We don’t come in qualified. We come in ready to learn and to gain skills and abilities. It’s an on-the-job training.” Heather believes that we are qualified because we serve. We strive. To strive means that we’re going to put in great effort to accomplish or obtain something.

You’ve Felt Their Emotions

“There’s this emotional cord that tethers us to them in a really special way,” Heather said. That goes back to the fact that we are theirs and they are ours. There’s an emotional ownership that makes you the right woman for the job.

They’re a Product of You

Finally, you’re qualified simply because they are a product of you. Heather said, “If parts of you come from me, then I don’t actually need an owner’s manual. I know how to attend to you because you are a piece of me.”

Heather’s message is clear: Embrace your role as mom or grandma. Own it and know that you are qualified. You are the right woman for the job. Remember, as Heather echoed, “God doesn’t choose the qualified. He qualifies the chosen.”

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