influence the world - Dr. Bridget C.. Madrian and family

‘Women can influence the world for good.’ A conversation with Dr. Brigitte C. Madrian

We can influence the world in so many ways.

She is a woman of intellect, she’s a woman of faith, and she’s a woman with depth. Someone who has reason to boast, but chooses humility and kindness instead.

Dr. Brigitte C. Madrian is the Dean of the Brigham Young University Marriott School of Business. Before coming to BYU, Dr. Madrian was on the faculty at the Harvard Kennedy School, the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School, the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business, and the Harvard University Economics Department. Dr. Madrian received her PhD in economics from MIT, and her current research focuses on behavioral economics and household finance.

Because we value a personal resume as much as we do a professional one, we’ll add that Dr. Madrian is a mom of two.



“We’ve heard a lot about you. The birds are talking in very good ways.” said Host Brooke Walker during an interview with on Dr. Madrian on Studio 5.

Dr. Madrian’s leadership style is one that is admired by many. Her intentional approach to leadership has earned her the respect and admiration of her students at BYU.

Dr. Madrian left Harvard to come to BYU, a move that some might view as a downgrade, but she was thrilled to make the move. “I had been doing what I’d been doing for 25 years, which is being a faculty member and teaching classes and doing research at some amazing institutions. I feel so lucky and fortunate. But I was ready for a change. I was ready to learn new things.”

“I’d never had a really significant leadership position, and I was ready to push myself in different ways. The job has absolutely delivered on that.”

For Dr. Madrian, the move to BYU was not just about a new job, but about personal growth. “It’s the growth opportunity,” she said.

Dr. Madrian is a strong woman of faith. “Our faith gives us the capacity to envision a better future, the confidence to make that future happen, and the courage to act in the face of challenges,” she shared. Her faith is a guiding force in her life, providing her with the strength and courage to face challenges and make a difference.

As the first woman to serve as the Dean of the BYU Marriott School, Dr. Madrian is a role model for many. “There are so many ways that capable women can influence the world for good. Don’t be afraid to do something different,” she advised.

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