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Add drama and movement to floral arrangements! 4 ‘drippy’ flowers that make an impact

Add unique blooms to your floral arrangements.

We know a good floral arrangement includes a variety of colors and textures. Another aspect to consider is movement. Enter the drama of the “drippy florals.” These unique blooms are showstoppers that add a level of artistry to arrangements.

Brynn Larsen says drippy flowers create interest and impact that makes us focus and enjoy what we see a little longer.


“Drippy” Floral Examples

Hanging Amaranthus

Natural green and preserved colors are now available. They can be added to large arrangements, bridal bouquets, and structures like archways for weddings.


Tulips have so much movement in the stems and can look like a vase is so full that its spilling over.

Calla Lilies

These are a lux bloom that are often in upscale arrangements. They can be manipulated to hang and drip from arrangements to create movement and drama.


Phalaenopsis orchids have the perfect movement in their stem to hang from large arrangements, installments and bridal bouquets. This is Brynn’s favorite trend lately.

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