Contain Your Tech Clutter

If our world is going wireless, how come chargers, power cords, and cables are taking over our lives!? In the office, the kitchen, even our cars…No space is safe!

Professional organizer Leanne Jacobs has simple solutions for five areas of our homes.

For those of you who dislike a mess of cords under the desk as much as I do a wire basket works great. Use cup hooks to hang a wire basket under your desk then place the surge protector in the basket and plug everything back in. It’s off the floor and out of sight.

Use a pretty box to hide your phone while charging on your night stand. I used a thick cardboard box and made a hole big enough for the plug to go through. Place the phone inside the box, plug it in and place the lid back on. The box also prevents to cord from falling behind the nightstand or table.

Use a pretty tray to hide the outlets in your kitchen. Plug your appliances in, then place the tray in front and add decor.

What do you do with all the extra cords you don’t need all the time? Store the cords in cardboard tubes then place them inside a plastic lidded box. Label the cords and decorate the tubes using duct tape.

Use a desk organizer to hold phone chargers and other tech gear in the car.

Label everything so there’s no guessing what a cord or piece of gear is for. Use washi tape twist ties, a label maker, applecores, Martha Stewart elastic bands, GearTie and Command cord organizers to keep cords organized and under control.

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