Copycat Design: Magnet Boards

Design blogger, Shannon Crawford shows how to recreate her newest “must-have” find.


• 1 sheet galvanized sheet metal (size 24×36): $16.00 @ Home Depot

• 1 yard of fabric (this is enough to cover 2 large magnet boards): Prices will vary but I paid $6.00 a yard at Home Fabrics

• 1 yard of ribbon: Prices will vary from $.50 and up. I had this ribbon on hand at my house.

• Tin Snips: Available at any hardware store or even Walmart. I got mine for about $10

• Drill

• ¼ drill bit

• Hot Glue Gun

• Scissors

• Ruler

• Quilting Needle


1. To begin, lay the sheet of metal on a flat surface and measure how large you want your board to be (the large size board I made was 24″ H x 17 ¾ W, smaller board size is 17 ¾ H x 12″ W).

2. Mark where you will cut and use your tin snips to cut the square out. If you are using the large sheet of galvanized metal (24×36) you can just cut it in half to make 2 large magnet boards.

3. After you have made your cuts, use a magic marker to mark where the holes will be, where the ribbon will go through. Typically the holes are spaced about 5 to 7 inches apart, centered an inch from the top of the board. Then, use a nail and hammer to poke a little hole through the metal. This makes it easier to drill through. After you’ve made your small hole with a nail, use your drill w/ a ¼” drill bit to drill all the way through the metal.

4. After you’ve made your holes, cut your fabric about 2 inches bigger than the sheet of metal. Lay the metal on top of the fabric and begin to hot glue the fabric to the metal board. Once you’ve glued all the way around, use a quilting needle to pull your ribbon through the holes, going from the back to the front, and making sure to leave enough slack to so that it can hang nicely. Then tie the ribbon in the front!

Shannon Crawford blogs about creative ways to add style to your surroundings at Design Gal & Her Handyman

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