Cosmo Cricket: Holiday Garland

Julie Comstock is the owner of Cosmo Cricket. She shares a great make-ahead gift idea that can double as a darling decoration!

Cosmo Cricket is the creation of married designers Eric and Julie Comstock.You might have heard of Comstock before. Eric and Julie are the original creators of the Comstock Collection.

When they decided to go on their own, they needed a new name. They thought they could simply rearrange the letters of Comstock Collection into something new. They typed it into a web site that scrambles up words (anagrams), and here’s some of the best of what they got: Concocts Tickle Loom, Click Cocoons Mottle, and Tectonic Clock Looms

These weren’t exactly what they had in mind. They just weren’t scrapbooky enough for them. Really, Tectonic Clock Looms sounds like some disaster waiting to happen. Not willing to give up, they both tried again. Julie went first using her name: Occultism Joke, Cuckoo Lets Jim and

Cute Jocks Limo. Obviously Occultism Joke wouldn’t work. But, Julie thought that with the right marketing campaign, maybe Cute Jock’s Limo could be catchy. Eric was concerned that Limo on the end didn’t make sense, but when Julie suggested dropping Limo and just using Cute Jock, the truth came out–Eric wasn’t comfortable with the word “Jock.”

Then Eric entered his name and Cosmo Cricket was born. Now you might
wonder how Julie feels having their company name as an anagram of only Eric’s name. She would tell you, “It sure beats Occultism Joke!”

Ornament Instructions

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