southwest chicken casserole
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Cozy Southwest Chicken Casserole

A creamy, cozy southwest chicken casserole is just what the weather calls for this week.

The weather is a little bit dreary. We’re all staying home, social distancing, and that can feel depressing too. Bake up a creamy, cheesy, casserole for dinner to warm everyone up.

Alex Daynes shares the recipe. She shares why a casserole is the perfect, comforting meal for the circumstances we’re facing right now.

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Southwest Chicken Casserole


  • 1 medium onion, diced
  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • 2 cups cooked, shredded chicken
  • 1 can cream of chicken soup
  • 1 can cream of mushroom soup
  • 1 4 ounce can diced green chilis
  • 1 can cream style sweet corn
  • 9 corn or flour tortillas
  • 3 cups shredded Mexican blend cheese


  1. Preheat oven to 350.
  2. In a small frying pan over medium heat, cook the onions in the butter until soft and translucent, about 5 minutes.
  3. In a mixing bowl, add the cooked onion, shredded chicken, cream of mushroom, cream of chicken, green chilis, and the sweet corn.
  4. Grease a 9×13 pan.
  5. Layer 3 tortillas on the bottom of the pan. Add 1/2 the filling mixture over the tortillas and 1 cup of shredded cheese. Layer 3 more tortillas over the top of the cheese. Pour the remainder of the filling over the tortillas, and top with an additional cup of cheese. Top with remaining 3 tortillas and the final cup of cheese.
  6. Cover with foil and bake in the oven for 25 minutes. When finished, remove the foil and bake uncovered for an additional 5 minutes, or until cheese is bubbly.
  7. Serve hot. Enjoy!


*If you have fresh ingredients on hand, you could top this when serving with cilantro, green onion, avocado, salsa, or sour cream!

*We often serve with a side of chips.

*If you’re making an extra batch to freeze for a later date, complete steps 1-5, then cover with plastic wrap and place in the freezer. For reheating, simply place in the oven at 350 for 30 minutes, or until cheese is bubbly.