CozyTraveler: Travel in Comfort

Chad Hassell with CozyTraveler comes to Studio 5 with a unique idea that you’ll love.

Travel is a part of us; it enriches and adds to our appreciation of life. The products are influenced by the vast knowledge and experiences of travelers the Cozy Traveler team has met along the way. Their product offers a practical, more comfortable and relaxing solution to any travel schedule. They help travelers travel in comfort and arrive rested.

COZYtraveler was founded with the values and love of travel. They are constantly adapting their products to meet their customer’s needs while anticipating conditions and changes that impact travel around the world. Their products represent their own individual travel experiences and suggestions offered by those whose paths they have crossed while experiencing the world and all it has to offer.


In 2007 Chad Hassell and Dave Broadbent founded COZYtraveler. This exceptional line of travel products is well known for their comfortable designs and the relaxed sensation they offer to any traveler. Over their lifetime, Chad and Dave have enjoyed traveling to exotic and far off destinations to experience culture, beautiful landscapes and fascinating people. These products were inspired by their own experiences as they have traveled the world. COZYtraveler products are crafted to the special needs of the traveler and offer the highest quality with exceptional value and satisfaction.

The RoadCOZY

Relax while on the road or in flight. The roadCOZY is just what you need to make your trip more enjoyable. Made with soft, comfortable fleece, the U-shaped pillow gives your neck and head the support needed for complete relaxation in the car or while resting in a chair at home.

• Great for road trips

• Ergonomically designed arm hammock

• Convenient iPocket™

• Adjustable straps

• Machine washable

The TravelCOZY

Upgrade your travel status to First Class with the travelCOZY. Made from soothing-soft fleece, the ergonomically designed U-shaped pillow comfortably supports your neck while cradling your arms. Now you can comfortably sleep while sitting upright or in a reclined position

• Keeps you warm and comfortable

• Convenient iPocket™ for media devices

• Calming relief from any travel schedule

• Machine washable

• Handy carrying bag

The MediCOZY

With the MediCOZY you can now sleep comfortably in an upright or reclined position. The soft U-shaped pillow correctly aligns your neck and spine. The arm hammock relieves shoulder tension by allowing neck and shoulder muscles to completely relax while being supported. Helps to improve your quality of sleep while sitting in a chair, recliner or sofa.

• Recommended by users everywhere

• Keeps your body warm

• iPocket™ to store glasses or medication

• Collapsible storage case

• Extra large 36″ * 46″ blanket

• Machine washable

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