Crafting With Felted Beads

Add a splash of color to any spring project with fabulous felted beads! The
itty bitty wool gems are the perfect ways to craft up darling home décor.

Studio 5 Contributor Amy Twitty shares some of her favorite ways to craft
with felt.

You can purchase the already rolled balls online or sometimes you can find
them at local scrapbook stores. I bought mine from Pebbles in My Pocket
and online at The
pre made balls usually run around $.45 a ball so depending on the size of
your project and what you chose take that into consideration.

Drink it up

Why not turn those itty bitty wool balls into an everyday use. A simple glue
gun will do the trick if you want to create this easy coaster. Glue them into
your desired shape and there you go. It’s a quick and easy project that will
save you the headache from wiping up those water marks.


Do you often lose your place in your book? With this simple bookmark that
shouldn’t be a problem. Glue on a wool ball onto a bobby pin and you have a
bookmark or hair bow in seconds.

Spring Wreath

It’s time to get out those spring door wreaths and here’s an idea for you.
Take a simple Styrofoam ring, tie jute around and around until you can’t tie
anymore. Add some wool balls and some accessories and you have yourself
a spring wreath to hang on your door. And what’s great you can show your
neighbors how to do it!

Table runner

Run baby run to your craft store for this project. Here is a little secret for
you, if you like the look of the wool balls but don’t want to take the time or
money to do all of them. You can get away with this spring fun look by using
pom pom fringe. Typically you can purchase this for about $3-$8 a yard
depending on the size of pom poms. I love this because it looks similar to
the wool balls and still gives that look and design I love. Simply take your
favorite scrap piece of fabric and add accessories to the size you want. Add
it to a simple table for a party or everyday and you have a splash of color
unlike any other table runner.

Wool Garland

Before you begin this project tell yourself to not give up. It is one of those
that you will have to try a few times to practice but hopefully these tips will
help. Also remember this is something that each ball is unique and different
and that is what makes it great. To begin this project you will need the wool
felt you can purchase at local craft store for around $12 for 6 different

– Take you first color and cut off about a 2 to 2 1/2 inch strip. Remember
the bigger the cut the bigger the ball you will end up with. However I
wouldn’t recommend going any larger than 3 inches. They become to heavy
to string and don’t mold as well.

– Gather the felt in your hand and under running warm water (not to hot or
to cold because your hands are going to be under the water plenty and you
don’t want to burn or freeze your hands). Let it sit in the palm of your hand
for a second or two just to get wet.

– Once it is wet take it and string the wool out so it looks like fur. Not leaving
any bulky pieces.

– Now put your palm back under the water and with your opposite hand start
rolling it. GENTLY!!! Like you would pet a baby chick.

– It should start to form a ball. Continue to gently roll it for about 10-20
seconds. Once you start seeing form into a good shape ball. Add a drop of
soap into the ball and continue rolling. Somehow this helps attach the wool

– Continue this process under the water. Only remove your hands from the
water to add a drop of soap and to check your form.
Remember it takes a few times to get the hang of this so don’t get

– Allow the balls to dry for several hours until dry.

– Then string with thread for your garland!

Flower power!

For this project you first you’ll need:

– 1/4 yard felt. Buy the good stuff on the bolt it will make a difference in
your flower.

– a large and small cup (or other circles) for tracing, a large bowl for tracing,
a pen, scissors, and card stock to make your template.

– Trace the rims of your cups onto your card stock and cut out.

– Pin the templates to your felt and cut out circles. I was able to cut 3-4
circles at a time by folding the felt.

– Cut out roughly 30 large circles, and 20 small circles.

– Now cut your circles in half.

On the right side of the front pillow square, trace a bowl or large plate
marking a large circle in the middle. Leave 4-5 inches or so around the
edges. Line up the edge of a large petal along the line you just traced. As you
sew the petals on, overlap the petals about a 1/4 inch. Continue sewing
around the circle, adding petals. When you get near where you started, put a
petal in between the previous petals, so they overlap. Then you can start
putting petals underneath the previous set. line up the straight edges of the
petals only 1/4 in. or so underneath the previous petals because I liked them
packed in there.

After you’ve done four or five rows of large petals and you’re getting close to
the center, you can switch to your small petals. As you get closer to the
center you can curve and bunch the straight edge of the petals so they stand
up a little and look like real petals. When you get to the center add a couple
petals that are good and bunched at the bottom for extra volume. Now to
finish off the center of the pillow you can either cut out a circle from your felt
and sew it into the center or add an embellishment like a button or another
piece of fabric.

Felt Bows

Bow ties are back baby! This is a quick and easy project that requires no
sewing YEA!! All you need is either bolt felt or square felt depends on how
much you want to spend. Again bolt felt is a little better and thicker but
square felt will do the trick as well. For this project;

– Cut out one piece 2 x 9 long and two at 1 1/2 x 2 1/2 long.

– Take your bigger piece and fold the two sides into the center. Glue a thin
line on each side to hold each side into place. So you should have a piece
that looks like a double door.

– Now take your two smaller pieces and put a tiny dab of glue, one on each
side, on top of the laps you just glued down on the bigger piece. (If you
don’t want the back pieces you can skip this step and just have the main bow

– Pinch the entire thing together in the center. It should fold into a bow, you
may have to manipulate it to show the creases you like.

– Now taking another piece of felt or ribbon, whatever suits your fancy, and
glue the center together.

– If you would like you can cut triangles out of your two back pieces giving it
a finished look. There ya go you did it!!!

Layered Art

Not sure what to do with those scraps of felt. Why not create a piece of wall
decor? Take your favorite symbol or letter. Print it off and increase the size
of it to your liking. I recommend tracing it and cutting in out on white paper,
or else the black ink may show through if you are using lighter felt. Now just
cut those scraps into the widths you like and simply layer them like steps on
your letter or symbol using glue. Once your completed layer it onto a piece of
fabric or another piece of felt and add to a frame or canvas and there you go!

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