fluffle of bunnies

Create your own little fluffle of bunnies! Here’s the specific pom pom you need…

A handmade fluffle of bunnies makes for cute Easter décor.

Did you know a single bunny is called a “kit”? Were you aware a whole litter of bunnies is called a “fluffle”? These are some of the things you learn when you go down the rabbit hold that is crafting! No matter how many you want to make, this craft so realistic, you’ll be amazed it’s handmade!

With a specific type of pom pom, you can make a precious little bunny in no time! Celeste Whitney shares what you need and how to create a fluffle of your own.


Celeste Whitney is a former Studio 5 creative contributor with a flair for a homemade way to make things beautiful.  She is always drawn to a project that no one else is doing – making her crafts and DIYs totally innovative and intriguing.  Celeste is a home school mom and elevates the everyday in simple ways.  Find and follow Celeste on Instagram @sevenloops.

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