Creating “Spa Soak” Fizzies

Paula Mosier, from Soap Crafters, shared the recipe and the way to make them without the traditional hassle.


This is a much easier version of bath fizzies, but with the same effect. Instead of having to pack your fizzie into a mold and hope it doesn’t break apart when it comes out of the mold, you just mix the ingredients together, and put them in a salt tube or cello bag. The person using it pours the mixture into the tub and has all the fizz and scent, but you don’t have the hassle.

Spa Soak:

½ cup sea salt

1 Tablespoon almond or avocado oil

¾ cup baking soda

¼ cup citric acid

1 teaspoon fragrance or EO (lavender would be a natural for this)

½ little scoopful of Soap Crafters “Water Based Color Powder”

Mix the sea salt, oil, fragrance or EO in a small bowl. Add baking soda, citric acid and color and mix well. Pour into salt tubes or cello bags.


For more information on making spa soaks or getting supplies, please visit the website at

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