Creative Cake Stands

Studio 5 Party, Holiday & Ideas Contributor Alisa Bangerter has some great ideas to make unique cake stands.

Creative Cake Stands

You can easily create one-of-a-kind pedestal plates and cake stands by using fun and unusual items. There are also many ways to dress up an ordinary pedestal or cake plate to turn it into a unique serving piece. Your guests will be amazed at your stunning and creative serving pieces.

How to Create Unique Pedestal/Cake Plates:

Many items can be used to create pedestal plates. You will need a sturdy and stable base and a flat plate or item for the top portion as well as some strong adhesive. Simply attach the base item to the under side of the plate or top piece with either a permanent epoxy or removable putty. Make sure the bond and hold of the adhesive is strong enough for what you will be placing on the top. Great places to search for unique items to create with are at thrift or consignment type stores. Look around your home as well to see what you already may have that can be used. Be creative!

Base Ideas (must have a flat top:

Ceramic, brass, wood, silver, glass or other candlesticks

glass vases (can be filled with candy, flowers, plants, photos or other items)

flowerpots (use right side up or turn upside down)

a thick stick or log

a watering can

tin cans

blocks of wood


a box


other pedestal plates (to tier)

stacks of books

short lamp base (may need to cut top flush)

Plate/Top ideas:

Any type of plates or platters (from small to large and different shaped)

flat clock (remove hands and clockworks)
photo frame with glass (and photo or other artwork)


shallow basket


teacup (this would make a small individual cupcake type holder)


baking pan

Creative Ways to Dress Up a Simple Cake or Pedestal Plate:

Simply attaching items or embellishments to a basic cake plate or pedestal plate can turn an ordinary serving dish into a real unique statement piece. Remember to use removable adhesive for most items. You can make a plate coordinate with a theme or just add some extra pizzazz.

Be creative and think out of the box.

Embellishing Ideas:

Attach ruffles of tuelle, newspaper, book pages, fabric, scrapbook paper, tissue paper, etc.
under rim

tie ribbons around edge or base

attach trims (lace, pom poms, hanging beads, rhinestones, etc.) around the edge

add removable rub-ons onto cake plate to create a message

write or draw on the cake plate with food marker pens

attach die cut strips and designs (cut from cardstock or other decorative paper) around
cake plate

hang cut ribbons to create a fringe along edge of plate

cake plates with openings along the edges can be used to hang ornaments, beads, prisms,
trinkets, etc.

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