Creative Containers for Fantastic Flowers

If your garden blooms need a home and you’re tired of using the same glass vase—Michelle Virtue with BYU Campus Craft and Floral offers some other innovative and inspiring container options.


Keep in mind that your container should be water tight or able to be lined with a heavy plastic liner. Each room in your house has the potential to be a treasure trove of fun floral holders. Start in the kitchen & garage & move on from there!

Plastic cups: Cover the cups in cellophane or fun tissue paper. Accent with ribbon.

Recipe Box: Take your ordinary recipe box and make it into a centerpiece. Fill with a mass or flowers, potted green houseplants, or a fun mix of spring pansies.

Candlestick: Design with an oasis cage atop a candlestick. Showy and tall, your guests will be amazed at your creativity.

Cake Stand

Canning Jar: With limitless possibilities, the basic Mason jar serves as an informal container perfect for a picnic or garden party. Wrap wire around the mouth and hang it on your front door for a touch of color.

Bucket: Take an ugly bucket or utilitarian glass vase and cover it with fabric, tissue, foliage, or a fabric napkin.

Serving Dish

Pitcher: Fill with fresh cut flowers from your garden.



Trifle Dish

Tool Box

Take-out Box

Food Container


Watering Can

Fish Bowl


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