Creative Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Setting your holiday table can be as stressful as cooking the meal – but if you plan ahead, and have fun with it, your table centerpiece can be the easiest thing on your holiday to-do list.

Michelle Virtue with Campus Floral shares creative Thanksgiving centerpieces ideas for every crafting level.

I hear clients, friends and family complain ALL the TIME that “they can’t craft” or “they’re not creative.” Often, life situations, financial limitations, time constraints and motivation play important roles in the type of craft project you tackle. Even the most creative of crafters had to start somewhere. Your designing and creating experiences can be more fulfilling and enjoyable if you start at the level you’re most comfortable. Setting your holiday table can be as stressful as cooking the perfect turkey, but if you plan ahead and have some fun with it, your table centerpiece can be the easiest thing on your never ending holiday to-do list. Here are three of my favorite Thanksgiving centerpieces with a little something for everyone—regardless of your self-proclaimed crafting status.

EASY: If you’re short on time and money, this is the craft for you!

Autumn Pots & Posies

Supplies: Table linen or burlap runner, clay pots of varied sizes and shapes, wood discs or planks, fresh or silk flowers, florist water tube.


1. Drape your linen. Don’t be afraid to use runners of fabric going non-traditional directions. This creates interest and is an easy way to show your creativity.

2. Use wood discs or planks to create a foundation for your centerpiece. Do this well in advance so you aren’t running crazy on the BIG day.

3. Place clay pots of varied sizes and shapes on/around your wood pieces. Feel free to fill some of them with fresh flowers, gourds or wheat.

4. Flip some of your pots upside down, put a stem of flowers through the drainage hole and secure with a water tube.

MODERATE: Your sweet potatoes are marshmallow topped and your mother is bringing the bird. If the fall decorating bug has hit and you want to create something quick, affordable, practical and showy, you’re going to love this simple, but eye catching holiday centerpiece.

Acorn Squash Vases & Gratitude Boxes

Supplies: Linen (choose something colorful), acorn squash, fresh flowers (berries or twigs work great), box, cork sheets, gratitude slips, pens, push pins.


1. Drape your linen. Use some color!!!

2. Cut the tops off as many acorn squash as your table can handle. Clean them out and fill half way with water.

3. Fill squash vases with fresh flowers. This can be as simple or elaborate as you would like. Use flowers with unexpected color combinations and wonderful textures.

4. If you’d like to personalize your table, cover boxes with sheets or cork and allow guests to pin those things their grateful for onto the centerpiece.

ADVANCED: Feeling ambitious? The kids are at school and for the first time in months your laundry pile is under control? Maybe your husband owes you a little “me time” and you’re looking for a Thanksgiving centerpiece that will WOW your guests. This is the craft for you.

Creamy Cornucopia with Gourd Candle Sticks

Supplies: Linen (ivory, gold OR a black/white print), cornucopias, fresh or silk flowers, produce, candles, creamy white gourds or pumpkins, taper candles.


1. Drape your table. Ivory or a black print work great!

2. You can use baskets OR cornucopias for this project. Spray them to suit the feel of your Thanksgiving table—you can go ivory for a very sophisticated and contemporary look OR go wild with color (pink and gold combinations are my current obsession).

3. Depending upon the materials you are using to fill your cornucopia, you will want some wet or dry foam to help secure the fresh/artificial materials. If you use wet foam, don’t forget to line your cornucopia with plastic to prevent water damage to your linens or table.

4. Start filling your cornucopia. The possibilities are ENDLESS. Monochromatic or varied tones of one color are VERY striking.

Here are some of our favorite cornucopia fillers—some traditional and others not so much!

-Fresh Flowers
-Produce (think outside the pumpkin here)
-Orbs covered in paper, stones, buttons, beads, ribbon, tissue, grains or fabric
-Natural elements (twigs, leaves, dried grasses, wheat)
-Meaningful Mini Photos (If you haven’t tried PRINSTAGRAM, do it!!!)

Finish off your table with lighting!!! Candles are key to an elegant dinner table.

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