Cuff Bracelet

Blogger Kami Watson from Sweet Charli shows how to turn an old shirt into a statement piece of jewelry!

Materials Needed:

Old blouse or button-up shirt

Liquid Stitch or Sewing Machine


1. Find an old blouse/button-up shirt from your closet or local thrift store

2. Cut the cuff off of the sleeve. Be careful not to cut open the seam!!

3. Measure the cuff around your wrist and make sure that it fits you the way you want. If it is too loose, you can always re-sew the buttons back on where it fits you better.

4. There are many ways that you can embellish your bracelet.

• At your local fabric store you can buy fun trim by the yard (I get mine at JoAnn’s). You can use this by gluing/sewing this down the center of your cuff for added depth and texture.

• If you want to spruce up your cuff’s buttons, you can remove the button already on your cuff and replace it with fun, unique buttons.

• Make your own fabric flower, or use already made silk flowers to add to your bracelet.

• Embellish with vintage broaches or jewelry pieces.

5. After embellishing your bracelet, you are finished! This is such a great accessory for any season, and a great way to recycle those old shirts that you won’t wear anymore!

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