Cupcake Bouquets

Studio 5 Party, Holiday and Ideas Contributor Alisa Bangerter shows us how.

Supplies needed:
• Flower pot

• Styrofoam ball
• Paper shred or other filler (see ideas below)*
• Toothpicks (round)
• Baked cupcakes in liners
• Icing
• Cake decorating bags and tips

Tip: Freeze cupcakes before assembly. This bouquet will be much easier to create and work with if you use frozen cupcakes.


1.  Place Styrofoam ball in flower pot making sure it fits securely and the top is round above the upper edge of the pot. (If needed, add some weight to pot below Styrofoam to prevent pot from being top heavy and tipping.
2.  Cover Styrofoam ball with paper shred.
3.  Place toothpicks in Styrofoam ball everywhere a cupcake will be placed. For extra security, place double toothpicks for each regular sized cupcake.

4.  Place cupcakes on toothpicks so the bottom of each cupcake is against the Styrofoam ball.

5.  Decorate cupcakes to look like flowers. (You may need to decorate each cupcake and then attach them to the Styrofoam base if it is easier for you.) To create an easy flower, use a large star decorating tip and start in center and swirl icing around top of cupcake. Other simple flowers are made by using a large rose decorating tip and making rows of icing petals or ruffles. Actual icing roses also look great, especially on mini cupcakes. Simple cupcakes with swirled icing and sprinkles also can be used.
6.  Add filler between the cupcakes. *Filler ideas: additional paper shred, real flowers such as roses or carnations, tuelle or net, pieces of wired ribbon, tufts of tissue paper, mini cupcakes, silk leaves, real leaves (rose leaves), fondant leaves, etc. Filler such as ribbon or tuelle can easily be attached to the Styrofoam ball using greening pins (wire floral pins). Another option would be to place a new paper cupcake liner under each cupcake before attaching it to give a ruffled effect.
7.  Add a cute paper sign on a skewer to the arrangement and wrap a bow around pot if desired.

Mini Cupcakes on Skewers

An arrangement of mini cupcakes on sticks can be easily made in a taller vase. Simply take a long wood skewer and place a gumdrop flat side up through the pointed end of a skewer approximately 1″ down (this is to help hold the cupcake). Place a mini paper cupcake liner on the skewer and let it rest on the gumdrop. Place a baked mini cupcake on the skewer so it nestles into the mini paper liner. Decorate the cupcake with icing making a rose or other flower on the top. Place in a vase or pot securing the bottom of the skewers in a piece of foam to give stability and keep the cupcakes separated in the arrangement. Place ribbons on the skewers or wrap with floral tape before adding cupcake if desired.

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