corner bookmarks

These cute corner bookmarks are an easy sew! Make one for you and a bunch as gifts

Use up your scraps to make these corner bookmarks.

Make one for you, and several for friends. With needle and thread and wool felt scraps, you can easily work up a handmade corner bookmark.

Rebecca Woolston shares the creative idea and patterns to go with it.

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Click here to find the printable for Rebecca’s bookmark designs.


How to Make Cute Corner Bookmarks

I used leaf stitch, satin stitch, split stitch, back stitch, woven wheel stitch, French knots. It’s a good canvas for lots of different types of stitches. Here are some suggestions for success with this project:

  • Use wool felt (not craft felt). It is much more sturdy and will hold the stitches better.
  • Transfer the design using sticky solvy, which prints the design on a sticker and is water dissolvable.
  • Don’t cut out the final size of felt. Cut something bigger so it’s easier to work with and then when you’re finished, you can cut it to size.
  • Try to not have too bulky of stitches or knots on the background or it will get caught on your book page.
  • Keep the stitches on top fairly tight, so a page corner doesn’t pull at them.
  • When finished with the embroidery work, use water to dissolve the design.

Rebecca Snyder Woolston is a freelance graphic and embroidery designer with a special interest in traditional fiber arts. She especially loves quilting, embroidery, and is learning how to sew her own clothes. She is a mother of two, teaches craft workshops, and teaches at the Utah refugee center. She has a passion for the arts in Utah and won the judges choice award at the 46th annual Utah Quilt Show.

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