Daily Bread: Worry Free Food Storage

Daily Bread has the solution to your food storage needs.

Spring is here. And with the changing seasons, it is a great time to evaluate where you are in terms of your food storage and emergency preparedness.
At Daily Bread, we are focused on helping people understand food storage options.

There are several questions that you should ask before purchasing food storage products:

o Have you compared price per serving?

. Lower is not always better

. Review the nutritional panel
Compare the costs of the meals to meals, drinks to drinks, side items to side items

o How many calories per day are you buying?

. More is not always better

. Need to understand the quality of the calories

. Balanced diet is recommend

o What variety of food are you getting?

. You enjoy a variety of tastes and meals now

. You need options and assortment in you emergency food supply also

o Does packaging make a difference?

. Oxygen and moisture pose the biggest challenge to preserving shelf-life for any packaged food stored for long term use

. Freeze dried or dehydrated foods that are packaged correctly use an oxygen absorber to maintain and sustain the food

. Food that is properly sealed in metal cans provide the best environment /conditions to have foods maintain a 25+ year shelf-life, as well as taste, texture and nutritional value

. Food stored in pouches have a higher likelihood of becoming compromised, allowing oxygen and moisture in the package. Pouches only provide a 7-10 year shelf life whens stored properly.

o Where should I store my food?

. Optimal conditions for dehydrated products are 50-550 F

. Optimal conditions for freeze-dried food is in an cool dry place that can maintain a 700F temperature

o How is the food prepared?

. Both dehydrated food and freeze dried food just need water.

. The difference is that dehydrated food needs 20-30 minutes of cooking, whereas, freeze-dried foods just requires water to reconstitute. Of course, warm water is preferred for full flavor.

. Daily Bread sells high quality freeze-dried meals that are guaranteed up to 25 years. At the beginning of the year we introduced a number of new meal plans to meet both individual and family needs. In addition, we currently have our first-ever case lot sale going on.

For more information visit: DailyBread.com or call 877-273-2315

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