Dealing with a Learning Difficulty

Coping with a learning disability can be a challenge, but it doesn’t mean your child can’t live a normal life. Brain Integration Technology Practitioner, Trevor Dimick from Rocky Mountain Health & Wellness Center says with the right tools and support your child can succeed.

TIP #1- Understand what a Learning Difficulty is.

1. Learning difficulties stem from non functioning brain matter.

2. The brain is unable to Receive, Process, Store, or Retrieve information correctly.

3. It’s like having a bad cell phone connection. Your brain only receives, process, stores or retrieves part of what you hear or read.

TIP #2- Understand what it means to have a learning difficulty

1. The parents are not bad parents

2. The child is not “lazy and just needs to try harder”. How do you try harder to remember? What color of shirt were you wearing on March 19 1998? Can’t remember? You just need to try harder.

3. Learning difficulty is not an excuse to stop trying, for the parents or the child.

TIP #3- Explore different solutions

1. Don’t just go with the first solution that comes your way. Do your homework, compare the pros and cons of different types solutions.

2. Rocky Mountain Health and Wellness can Eliminate ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia in 8 to 12 hours using Crossinology Brain Integration Technique.
a. In short, we turn on the non functioning brain matter so your brain can Receive, Process, Store and Retrieve information correctly.

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