Decorating 101: Mixing Patterns & Texture

Karen Larkin, Designer from Noble House Furniture & Design says texture of the fabric is just as important as the furniture you put it on. She offers these tips for a do-it-yourself decorator:

Tip #1: Mix opposite textures. It’s all about contrast and variety. Eg. Smooth with rough.

Tip #2: Complement your space. As a general rule of thumb, bigger spaces can tolerate deeper colors, larger patterns, and more extreme textures. If you have a smaller space, stick with lighter colors, smaller patterns, and milder textures.

Tip #3: Choose one main fabric, then branch out. Choose other patterns that complement, rather than compete.

Tip #4: Put solids or subtle patterns on your large upholstered pieces. Bring in pattern and texture with pillows, and an ottoman.

Tip #5: Trust your instincts. If it feels too busy, it probably is.


• It’s always good to create a sample board. Paste swatches of fabric, furniture finishes and paint on one board to get a better idea of how the elements work together in your room.

• Don’t follow every furniture/design trend you see in a magazine. Find your own style and stick with it.

• The details make the difference between acceptable and what looks phenomenal.

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