Decorating Above Your Kitchen Cabinets

Designer Angela Ingo has some tips to help you turn that space into a focal point in the kitchen.

1- Collection. This really is a great place to showcase a collection. Use items that have a particular theme or color; maybe you love blue glass and have all kinds of shapes and sizes. Dishes out of your cupboards can make a very nice collection. I found some great pictures of a collection of cake plates and other assorted treasures that Julie from
arranged above her kitchen cabinets.

2- Natural Elements. I love to add some unexpected greenery; boxes of grass, a few balls that are covered in berries or some fruit.

3- Groupings & Different Heights. You can use this design principle in all kinds of accessorizing and it will work. Group items in odd numbers, using different heights, then play with it. Do not be discouraged if it does not come together the 1st time. Keep trying and you will come up with something that you like. You also get a lot of exercise climbing up and down from your counter!

4- Using the Right Size Items For Your Space. If you have a taller ceiling and more space, you want to use items that are larger in scale so that it feels balanced. If you put smaller items in a large space it will just feel cluttered. If you have a smaller area and you try to fit in items that are too large it will feel off balance. So if you are aware of this when you start it will help you in deciding what works for that area and what does not.

Angela Ingo has a degree in design and has always had a creative flair. She has pursued several different outlets over the years, including graphic design, handmade books, stained glass and framed leaf art which she sold in Park City. As the mother of three, she realized how important it was to have a cozy comfortable space to live in, and raise her family. So as a result, she researched and discovered that there are some simple design principles that anyone can use. And it does not matter what style you like or if you have a small apartment or a large home. You can take what you have already and make a space more cozy and comfortable.

To find out what other principles make a difference visit Angela’s blog ( She posts twice a week, including before and after pictures demonstrating how you can do this on your own, in your own home!

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