Decorating with Children’s Books – Vintage Style

Studio Contributor Jennifer Heslop encourages you to sort through your bookcases,
scour local thrift stores and bring your favorite books out for display.

Decorating with Children’s Books

-Hang books with ribbon, or display on a shelf. Think outside the box when designing your “shelf” space. Use an old dresser drawer, basket or section of rain gutter as a shelf. Search your house for items to use as your display base.

-Frame pages of your favorite book by gently removing them with a razor blade and placing in a ready-made frame. You can also mount the page onto artist canvas. Paint the canvas with a complimentary color and tack the page to the canvas. If you’d rather not remove the pages from the book, simply have the page color-copied and use the copy instead of the original.

-Copy a page from the book onto Photo Fabric (found at JoAnn’s). The image can be use to make pillows, quilts, curtains, tote bags, etc.

-Make a picture frame from a favorite book. Position the photo on the front cover and trace around it. Using a utility knife cut out the outlines shape. Cut just inside the line. Open the book and tape the photo to the inside cover, facing out.

-Make a “wall pocket” to hold mail, school papers, art-work or books!

How to Make a Wall-Pocket

1. Remove the book’s pages and binding with a utility knife. Open the cover and lay book flat onto the fabric. Trace around the book, being careful to add an extra inch around the entire book. Cut out the fabric. Fold the 1 inch allowance over, and iron flat.

2. Stand the book upright and open to a 45 degree angle. Place a sheet of paper under the book and trace the “inner triangle” and draw a line straight across the open front. You will have drawn a triangle. Add a ½” to each side and cut out template.

3. Fold a piece of fabric in half. Lay the template on the fabric, making sure the top (long side) of the triangle in on the fold. Cut around the template, creating a double-faced triangle. Cut two; one for each side of the pocket.

4. Lay the book open, face down, using hot glue, and glue the tips of the triangles to either side of the book’s spine. Draw a line of glue along the edge of the book and attach the triangles to the short sides of the cover. Press the edges of the fabric along the books interior. Do both sides of the book. You will have formed a pocket by attaching the triangles to the short sides of the book.

5. Attach the lining, made in step one. Apply glue to all four of the fabric’s folded-over edges. Press the lining to the cover’s interior, starting at the top edge and working down towards the spine.

6. Hang pocket to the wall using 3M’s removable Velcro.


Jenn says local thrift stores are a good option. But also check out a vintage retailer:


1720 S. 900 E.

Salt Lake City, Ut 84105

(801) 486-2633

Studio 5 Contributor Jennifer Heslop loves turning trash into treasure. She is handy with a hammer, and has a knack for saving a dime by doing it yourself! If you have questions for Jenn, e-mail her at

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