Decorating with Glass Jars

Decorating with Glass Jars

Simple, clean and see-through, glass jars make for the perfect start to a perfect centerpiece.

Tristan Lloyd blogs at “Chikkaboom.” She shares ideas and inspiration for ways to decorate with glass jars.

Everyone has at least one glass jar hanging around their home somewhere (mine were collecting cobwebs in my dungeon of a basement). So why not put them to good use! Jars can add quite a bit to any space, whether you are using them as storage for bathroom items such as bath salts or cotton swabs or getting a little braver and transforming them altogether!!!

Here are a few (of many) ideas that we have come up with!

Using glass apothecary jars are a great way to display collections of your favorite things!

Here we mod podged some vintage clothing patterns onto apothecary jars. This project is messy and FUN!!!

Here we bunched up some fabulous fabric and secured it with a few random belts! These jars can be filled with your favorite things or they also look pretty dang cute all by themselves!

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