Decorating with Winter White

Michelle Virtue with BYU Campus Craft and Floral shares some simple ways to incorporate the color of the season – winter white.


Decorating with white does not have to feel sterile. White and its many shades can be serene, clean, sparkly, and inviting. Any room with white as the main theme can be quite beautiful if executed with care and great attention to detail. The secret is in the detail.

If you are starting with a clean white canvas in 2008, consider some of the following tips and decorating ideas as you set the stage for what is sure to become one of your favorite decorating styles.

1. Add Texture.

Fabrics, rugs, and pillows are excellent ways to add white texture into your current color scheme. Try using throws, glass vases, feathers, furs, and mirrors.

2. Add Sparkle.

Make room for some sparkle in your home. Consider the shimmer of snowflakes, precious gems, glass orbs, and anything metallic.

3. Utilize the “Holiday Spill-Over.”

Snowmen, snowflakes & angels are all great ways to keep the spirit of the holidays in your home through the long winter months.

4. Invite the outdoors in.

Some of the best whites come from Mother Nature—flowers, twigs, seashells, branches, stones, etc. Paperwhites, hydrangeas, tulips, amaryllis, agapathus, roses, and calla lilies are some of my favorites. It works both ways–if your room is already white, try dressing it up with a bit of botanical color.


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