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Designer fashion at a fraction of the cost! Here are the 7 money-saving strategies

Designer fashion can be cheap to buy!

We love high-end style. It’s got that polished look we all strive for. What we don’t love… is the price tag.

Madeline Richardson shares her savvy strategies for finding designer fashion without the hefty prices.

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How to Buy Designer Fashion at Cheaper Prices

1. Buy Off-Season

Madeline’s first solution is to embrace the off-season pieces. She showed a dress from Hill House originally priced at $175, now down to $60, with an extra 20% off if you snag it now.


Hill House

The Caroline Nap Dress, was $175, now $60 (extra 20% off with code on site), Hill House

You might not think white and winter go together, but Madeline says yes. Just throw on a chunky cardigan, some flats or Uggs, and finish it off with a velvet bow for a sweet and versatile winter look.

2. Seek Inspiration from High-End Stores

We all know high-end stores have notorious higher prices. Madeline suggests using these stores as inspiration. Everyone loves a Free People set, including this one:


Free People

Hailee Sweater Set,  $128, Free People

Free People is known for rare sales, so Madeline scoured Amazon and found an exact match for a fraction of the cost—$49 instead of Free People’s $200.



Knit Loungewear Set, from $49, Amazon

Pair With


Floral Quilted Jacket, from $35.99

The lesson here? Train your eye, look for inspiration, and do the math. Girl math, that is—where everyone wins.

3. Cart-Watch Strategy

For the savvy online shopper, Madeline recommends adding items to your cart and waiting for the brand to bring you the discount. Many companies will send you an email notification when your piece goes on sale. Madeline says this was the case with a heart monogram necklace from Anthropologie that dropped from $50 to $17.



Heart Monogram Necklace, $40, now $34.95, Anthropologie

Don’t worry about constantly checking back—let the discounts come to you.

4. Anthropologie Back Sale Room

Madeline says weekends become a treasure trove of deals with Anthropologie’s back sale room. With an additional 50%, 40%, or 30% off, this strategy will have you scoring Anthropologie pieces at a fraction of the original cost. A beautiful skirt, initially priced at $230, becomes a steal at just $30. The advice? Don’t shy away from final sale warnings online; returns are still an option.

5. Unexpected Finds at Costco

Surprisingly, Costco isn’t just for bulk shopping; it’s a hidden gem for fashion. Madeline found a pair of DKNY leather pants for $25.



DKNY Faux Leather Pants, $24.97, Costco

Pair With

Sam’s Club

Sherpa Jacket, $19.81, Sam’s Club

For trend-driven pieces that might not stand the test of time, these bargains let you try a style without the guilt. And, as Madeline points out, it softens the blow when those fast-fashion trends inevitably fade away.

6. Mix High and Low

Madeline’s says to try pairing lower-end items with higher-end pieces. Whether it’s a gifted sweater from a loved one or a DKNY find from Costco, mixing and matching create a curated and stylish ensemble. The key? Confidence. If it looks cute, it’s cute, regardless of the price tag.

7. Outlet Sales

You might be skeptical about getting a good deal at an outlet. Madeline encourages outlet shopping on sale days. One of her best finds was a pair of striped pants for $4 during an extra 60% off sale.


Gap Factory

Striped Pants, $14.99 online ($4.99 in store), Gap Factory

Outlets can offer great deals if you time it right, so keep an eye out and mark your calendar for sale days.

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