Designing an Impactful Entryway

It’s the first space people see when they walk in your home.

Blogger Tausha Hoyts offers tips for designing an impactful entryway.

Your entryway is probably one room in your house that you have neglected,
or maybe forgotten about. The following tips and ideas will inspire you to
make your entryway a space that will be a fabulous first impression.

Paint Inside and Out

Your home should rise up to greet you and that most definitely includes your
entryway. Paint the inside & outside of your door for a simple and easy new
look. Painting your entryway with a new color on the walls will really make
the space pop.

Upgrade Your Lighting

Upgrade your standard builder’s grade light. You can DIY it, or purchase a
new one. Either way, a new light will wake up your tired space. For DIY
instructions, see sassystyleredesign.blogspot.

Add a Rug

A rug is a quick and easy way to define the space and create warmth. You
can use the rug to bring in some pattern and texture as well.

Hang Custom Art Work

This is where you can make the space feel like you and your family. You can
use your kid’s art work, favorite sayings or pictures to perk up the space. I
chose to use some simple vinyl lettering that says, “HELLO.” It’s the first
thing that people see when they enter my home. They feel welcome and it
was easy! If you want your own “HELLO,” you can find it at

Implement Simple Storage

You have gone to all of this trouble to make your entryway warm and
welcoming, you can’t forget about storage. Unfortunately, not all of our
homes function like a magazine picture, so storage is essential. You can use
wooden crates painted to match. Or, you can dress up some plastic ho-hum
containers from the big box store.

If your home is in need of a new look, or maybe you need a little help with
decorating and turning a “blah” room into something inviting and homey,
contact Tausha Hoyt. Information can be found on her blog

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