Display 2013 Resolutions

We’re kicking off the New Year strong with a trend that is spreading like wildfire! Instead of making a long list of New Year’s Resolutions, people are narrowing them down into a single focus and choosing just one word or anthem to live by for the year 2013!

Blogger Michelle Barneck with the blog A Little Tipsy shares her favorite ways to share her word for 2013!

Pillows – Made for living room. Made a quote stencil with contact paper and craft cutter and stenciled with silver metallic ink

Candle – Made by printing image on tissue paper and melting it to the candle with a blow dryer.

Necklace – Bent wire into peace and added a chain.

Globe – Added peace in vinyl for peace on earth

Michelle blogs at www.alittletipsy.com, a place for exploring creativity and sharing inspiration.

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