Distressed by Design

Old is new, and it’s popping up on the pages of our favorite home décor catalogs in the form of aged, distressed furniture

Aged, distressed furniture is all the rage these days. From armoires to dining room chairs, the look can add character to any room.

Here are some techniques to get the distressed look:

Selective sanding: Remove the newness of the furniture with sandpaper or a woodworking tool. Be sure to only sand edges where the piece would get worn in real life.

Ice picking: Make tiny holes to simulate wormholes and insect damage by using an ice pick or a nail and hammer.

Banging: Toss a few nuts of various sizes on your piece and gently hit them into your furniture to add surface dings and bumps.

Painting layers of color: Old, worn furniture will often have layers of paint. Simulate this by painting a few layers of paint, with a buildup of light to dark colors. When you sand the furniture, you’ll see some of these colors come through!

Wiping paint: Removing some of the paint between layers so the furniture looks more worn.

Glazing: Glazing gives the look of worn, furniture and comes in all sorts of colors!

Crackle: Using crackle paint is a fun way to let darker colors peek through the paint and gives it an old world look!

For great design ideas and inspiration check out Shannon’s blog at www.saltlakedesignergal.blogspot.com .

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