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The Latest in Wedding Florals: 5 flower trends for the modern bride

Here’s what is trending in wedding florals.

It’s become a style move for the modern bride. They swap out of their formal ceremony gown to a more cute and casual party dress for the reception. Now, we are seeing the same approach to the wedding flowers.

Florist Shawn Bailey says changing up flower bouquets from ceremony to reception is one of the fun, new floral trend brides are asking about. Shawn shared five of the latest wedding floral trends.


  1. Design variety when going from ceremony to reception dinner. This is a fun way to bring in two different looks – maybe one more elegant for the ceremony and something more playful for the reception. Brides are seeing this as two events in one day where you can theme them both in unique ways.
  2. Smaller, more petite bridal bouquets – Brides are opting for something simple and understated -a  pretty bouquet that doesn’t distract from the bride herself.
  3. Reusing florals from ceremony to reception space. This is a way to get more bang for your buck) Aisle florals come inside to reception area and are installed on the staircase and sweetheart table for grand entrance.
  4. ​Incorporating fruit and texture in your tablescapes. This is a fun trend that brings more interest to your arrangements and adds a bit of whimsy.
  5. Color blocking is a way to make a visual impact. We are seeing more and more of this approach, along with the color blocking being done in smaller centerpieces and more of the smaller arrangements for long tables.

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