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2024 New Flower Varieties: 8 types to look for at the garden center this spring

We look forward to seeing the new flower varieties every spring!

After a chilly spell, we’re embracing the warmer weather by diving into gardening. It’s the perfect time to explore new annual varieties that will bring life and color to your front yard.

Brian Lloyd, from Olsen’s Greenhouse, shared this season’s new blooms.


New Flower Varieties for 2024

  • Dekko Maxx Petunia: A sprawling plant that covers a vast area with vibrant flowers, creating a colorful carpet effect.
  • Supertunia Hoopla: Proven Winners’ petunias are known for their extensive spread, and this new color, Vivid Orchid, offers a stunning white and purple contrast.
  • Biden’s Blazing Star: Not political, but a genus with a striking maroon and yellow contrast, set against dark foliage.
  • Jamesbritennia Safari Dusk: A resilient plant from South Africa that is perfect for hot Utah summers. It boasts larger blooms than Bacopa, and thrives in the heat.
  • Petchoa Supercal Blue-Eyed Rose: A hybrid between petunia and calibrachoa, this plant has the best traits of both, and can withstand adverse weather conditions.
  • Supertunia Saffron Finch: A bright yellow petunia that maintains its color throughout the season.
  • Petunia Painted Love Purple: A vegetative petunia with a tie-dye appearance.
  • Dahlia Maggiore Fun Pomegranate: A new dahlia variety with a unique color gradient, named Pomegranate by its Dutch breeders.

Designing with Blooms

Brian put together a planter, combining a new cypress grass as the thriller, blue-eyed beauty and blazing star petunias as fillers, James Britennia as the spiller. “These are the three components to designing a great hanging basket,” he explained. “We use the spillers to trail over the edge and soften the edges of the container.”

Olson’s Greenhouse supplies these new varieties to Home Depot, Walmart, and Costco across the state. Find more flowers at

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