2 large egg whites
3 Cups Sugar
½ Cup white Karo Syrup
½ Cup water
1 tsp. Vanilla flavoring
¼ tsp. Almond extract

Tips: Use 2 ½ egg whites if the eggs are very small
Use a metal bowl and a large stand mixer
I use a Kitchen Aid mixer with a wire whip (it gives more volume)

Combine Karo Syrup, water and sugar in a saucepan and cook on high or medium high. Stir until the mixture is melty.

Start the egg whites whipping at high speed at this point and continue beating.

Watch the sugar mixture and stir occasionally. As it reaches boiling point, stir the crystals off of the edges of the pan. When it is bubbling well, use a wet paper towel to wipe the sugar crystals back down into the mixture.

Tips: Use a good quality paper towel that won’t shred fibers into the candy.
Do not use a pastry brush unless it is designated only for divinity. If there is any residue left in it, it will ruin your candy.
Use your spoon to “feel” around the edge of the mixture for any grainy sugar left.

Remove spoon and do not stir again. Put a good quality candy thermometer into the mixture.

When it reaches 232 degrees, remove pan from heat and pour about 2/3s of mixture slowly into the beating egg whites, which will be in stiff peaks by now.

Tips: Pour in a slow but steady stream tight against the edge of the mixing bowl. This helps to direct the mixture directly into the egg whites and will avoid the stream from getting flipped around too much by the beaters.

Let the egg white/sugar mixture continue to beat. (I reduce my Kitchen Aide speed down to 6 to save on the motor, but you can leave it on high if desired)

Put the remaining sugar mixture back on the stove, put the thermometer back in and continue to cook to 260 degrees. Do not stir or wipe off sides again.

Then add this remaining mixture to the beating egg white mixture in the same manner as before. (However you can add this one a little faster than the first time)

Continue to beat. This can take anywhere from about 7 to 15 minutes, it depends on the temperature in your house. Just don’t quit too soon and don’t beat to long!
You can add the flavorings at any point during this beating process. I like to add them after its been beating for at least 5 minutes so that its cooled off a bit but not too close to being ready to spoon.

Tips: I use white Virginia Dare 10x strength Vanilla (available at Gygi’s)
Real Vanilla can be used but it will give it a different flavor.
Do not use the artificial watery vanillas
I also buy my almond at Gygi’s its less expensive.

Here are some methods for determining when it is ready:

The sound of the mixture- it will make a whipping sound when it is getting close.
The sound of the mixer- the motor pitch changes
The texture and gloss of the mixture- it will start to look less glossy and more satiny.
Test: Stop the mixer briefly and pull the beater up. If the mixture starts to droop off of the beater and is still glossy, it is not ready yet and you need to continue beating. If it holds onto the beater and is satiny without being stiff and dull then it is ready.

Drop by the spoonful onto waxed paper or parchment. Let stand for about 15-30 minutes then transfer to airtight containers.

Note: Add any additions such as chopped nuts, peppermints, cherries etc. AFTER removing the beaters. Fold in gently with a spoon.

Melted chocolate is wonderful dribbled over the top.

Press a piece of nut into the top

For more information www.festivaloftreesutah.com

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