concrete pumpkins

DIY concrete pumpkins? The tutorial is easier than you think…

Pumpkins for home decor are usually real or fabric. But this project is making good use of cement. These concrete pumpkins are the perfect, posh addition to your fall decor.

Darcie Liptrot shares the easier-than-you-think tutorial for this cool project.

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How to Make Concrete Pumpkins

This idea is such a fun one to do! It really is just like cooking, except you’d break a tooth on these home decor treats.

What Darcie used:

  1. Quikrete Quick-setting Cement (this huge tub was just under $8 bucks at Lowe’s. You can mix it in the bucket, but Darcie likes doing small batches so she has more control and less mess).


  1. Opaque Tights-these are you’re classic dollar store tights. Or, use a pair of old ones!


  1. A throw away cup or dollar store cup.


  1. Twine for shaping and finishing


  1. Bowl for mixing


  1. Whisk


  1. Scissors


  1. And as a special added treat, chocolate or cake molds of the silicone variety. Silicone is the easiest to un-mold. For more than a basic shape, this is your jam. Darcie picked hers up at Target, Walmart, and HomeGoods. All under $5 each.


  1. A pair of latex gloves if you hate the feel of muck.

THAT IS IT!! Then it’s really just time. Time for the cement to cure up. Darcie did some fun finishes on her pumpkins and molds, those supplies will be below.


First the molds:

You are going to want to make the cement runny, like the consistency of the perfect cake batter. This will prevent pock marks or bubbles from forming in your mold. And, just like cake batter, no lumps.

Darcie did a 5:1 ratio. So if she did one cup of cement mix, she would add 1/5th of a cup of water. A little water goes a long way!!

Then just scoop it into the molds, like filling a cupcake mold. Give it a little tap to settle the cement into the cracks and you’re good to go!

This stuff sets up quick! So you’ll be tempted to un-mold…LEAVE THEM ALONE! Let the molds set over night. You’ll be glad you did.


Now for the pumpkins:

These babies are so stinking adorable and posh all at the same time. They look fancy-schmancy, like you picked them up off the pages of Better Hoome’s & Gardens Mag. But they could not be easier to create!

Your cement can be a little more firm for this project. The consistency of the frosting you put on top of cake.

Next, take the dollar store cup and tights, and slip the tights over the cup. This just makes it easier to fill the foot and create the shape. Darcie actually uses opaque knee highs. You know, the ones you may have seen on your granny a time or two…they were easy peasy and she could still get three pumpkins out of each one!

Fill that bad boy up and tie it off at the top with some twine.

Once you’ve tied off the top, you can trim the excess stocking off and create the pumpkin ridges by looping more of the twine around your little ball of mud. I criss-cross the twine at the bottom of my pumpkin.

PRO TIP: Do not pull the twine so tight that buries itself in the shape of the pumpkin. You’ll have a super hard time pulling off the sock and the twine. An easy pull is all it takes.

Now comes the hard part…waiting for the cement to dry. It’s kind of like waiting for Christmas. Darcie leaves hers overnight. Or, around 12 hours.

Pop the molds and unwrap the pumpkins! It’s time to finish with embellishments.

Darcie took the “simpler the better” approach. She used the same twine she used to create the pumpkin shape to form the stems. Darcie wrapped the twine around a few strands of itself, and kept wrapping until she got the shape she liked. Then, she hot glued the end.

Hot glue the stem onto the cement pumpkin and bam! You’re all set.

Darcie took it one step further with a few of her pumpkins and molds by adding a bit of color. You can too! Just take a bit of paint, chalk, or acrylic and add a splash of water. Drizzle the colored water on top of your cement project. When it dries, a lovely hint of color will remain.

Be careful though…HGTV will be banging down your door!

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