DIY Craft Room Organization

Megan Hoeppner, Editor with Creating Keepsakes Magazine, explains how to “craft up” your craft room…in a creative way!

My craft room is my inspiring oasis. It’s the one part of our home that’s all mine and I make the most of that ownership–pink as far as the eye can see.

Whether you have an entire room or a small corner of your home, I think you’ll find these do-it-yourself organization ideas easy, affordable and practical. Let’s get started!

Magazine Box Makeover

Transform plain white magazine boxes into unique keepers with decorative packing tape. It’s as easy as applying the tape the end of the box.

On-the-Wall Ribbon Storage

Look beyond the bathroom and hang a towel rack in your craft room. It’s an excellent place to hang crafting supplies. In this example, I’ve threaded ribbon spools onto strands of ribbon (wired ribbon works best), organized by color, and hung the ribbon on this five-hook rack.

Accent Jars

Store small embellishments in little jars by color on a little ledge shelf.

DIY Desk

I obviously won’t bring this one in, but it’s one I get asked about a lot. I created the entire thing for under $100 by making a hardware store visit and doing a little at-home assembly. I can go over how that happened.

Photo Tags

Storage labels don’t have to be boring. With photos, tag rims and a little ribbon, you can say it all without even needing the label maker.

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