DIY Patterned Curtains

If you can’t find the perfect curtains for your space, make your own!

Studio 5 Contributor Amy Twitty shares the do’s and dont’s of DIY Curtains!

So the point of Pinterest is to get inspiration for projects and possibly try them for yourself. Well I can tell you I thought singlehandedly that this was going to be a cake walk and a easy weekend DIY! Well I am here to help you tackle the project of homemade curtains and all the do’s and don’t of DIY curtains.

It started with the reading of tutorials about painting your curtains. Although this was a great way to do them quick and easy, my opinion is that if your intent is to put the curtains directly in front of your windows, meaning in front of the glass where the light directly shines through the fabric I wouldn’t recommend this option. Every glimmer of light will show paint strokes and imperfections. Even with the stripes looking great and using a roller to paint the stripes it’s the inability to get 100% evenly distributed paint on every stripe. They will however look good to hang to the sides of your windows if you desire.

So after I wasn’t happy with the painted option I decided to try sewing on stripes of fabric to your curtains. Each curtain panel will need enough fabric for 4 stripes. I purchased 6 yards of 100% cotton at Hobby Lobby. With it being around $3.99 a yard it cost me $24 but I also used the 40% off coupon. So it wasn’t as expensive as I expected.

Here are some steps for cutting your stripes.

– I cut the fabric first at 62″. Do this three times using all your fabric
– Then take each 62″ piece and cut 3 12″ pieces. So after you have cut all of your long pieces you will have 9 stripes. These are your stripes so they should be 12″x 62″.
– Iron a 1/2″ hem on the top and bottom of each stripe.
– Lay out your curtain piece and starting at the top measure lines 11″ apart, using a fabric pen. You will have drawn 8 lines.
– Take a fabric piece starting at the top line you created and place your fabric on your curtain. Make sure that you stay completely even along your line. Sewing along the lines. Don’t sew the bottom lines yet.
– Once you have sewn the tops of each of your stripes lay down your curtain. And precisely straighten your curtain and fabric on top of each other. Your fabric and curtain should line up exactly. Pin the bottom of your fabric to the bottom line on your curtain.
– You should have easy curtains that look amazing!!!

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