DIY Projects for Your Outdoor Space

Spruce up your outdoor space with cool and unique Do It Yourself Projects
for your yard and patio!

Studio 5 Contributor Amy Twitty shares ways to transform old wood pallets
and scrap wood into outdoor accents.

– Lemonade Stand

It isn’t summer without a lemonade stand! Using parts from old pallets you
can create this lemonade stand every child dreams of. This stand is lined
with old pallets to give it the old feeling of a lemonade stand.

– Teepee

Perfect for a indoor sleep over, movies outside, or reading a book in the
summer heat. There are simple steps to create this teepee that can keep
your child entertained for hours. Using small moldings found at the local
hardware store for a couple dollars, a dowel, and a old sheet this project is
worth every penny you spend. The perfect thing for this project is that it can
be assemble in seconds for easy storage so you don’t have to worry about it
always taking up valuable space.

– Garden on a post

If you don’t have room for a garden or a green thumb and you want to start
out small. This garden on a post is just right for you. By taking a old post
and some mason jars you can add your favorite herbs for easy to grab

– Utah Proud

A hot trend we are seeing is the state boundaries on posters, cards, etc. So
why not be Utah proud and show this off. By using moldings found at the
local hardware store you can have these cut and easy assembly. This project
can cost you just a few dollars and a scrap piece of wood for the state

– Table

If you have always wanted a outdoor table this is just for you! This table is
perfect for setting your potted plants on, front door entry, or just simple a
piece for indoors or out! The cost of this table is $18 and you can have it cut
at the local hardware store. If you are hesitant of nails, wood glue is your
friend on this project.

– Flower Box

By taking some old pallets that I got from a landscaping company, or old
junk yard. You can make this simple yet rustic flower box. Again you could
have this cut at your local hardware store and a few finishers nails you can
assemble this is less than an hour. This is perfect for your outdoor patio or
front door. Its look and appeal remind me of a old toolbox.

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