DIY Rock Candy

Here’s a summer fun recipe that’s easy to make, it just requires a little patience!

Aimee Krey with Food of Love shares the secret to making rock candy.
Rock Candy
2 cups water
5 cups sugar
5 wooden skewers
5 half pint jars
5 clothes pins
*Food coloring & flavorings are optional

First wet the wooden skewers with water then dip in sugar and set out on a plate to dry. This gives the crystals something to grab on to as they form.

In a large pot bring water to a simmer and slowly start adding the sugar, one cup at a time until all the sugar is added and dissolved. If you are adding flavoring and food coloring now is the time to add it to your jars. Add 1/2 tsp flavoring to each jar and 8-10 drops of coloring (depending on how deep you want the color) fill each jar about 1 inch from the top with sugar syrup. Gently stir to mix in flavor and color (if adding) pinch each skewer with a clothes pin in the middle to secure the stick and place each one over the center of the jars. Set jars aside and do not disturb and then you wait… and wait… and wait! Crystals may start to form within 24 hrs but will take up to 10 days to be completed. Remove sticks from jars and quickly rinse under cool water. Dry out on plate. Enjoy your beautiful candy crystals!!

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