DIY Stamped Spoons

Finding personal, inexpensive and original gifts is tough—and with graduation and Mother’s Day right around the corner it’s time to get busy! Lisa Leonard shows us a gift idea that will bring everyone a spoonful of joy.

Use steel stamps to put cute massages onto your spoons! Even use the spoons as garden markers and stamp “Basil” and “Carrots” into the spoons. Make an original wedding gift with “I Do” and “Me Too” spoons. Or stop by the neighbors with a carton of ice cream and “I Scream,” “You Scream,” “We All Scream,” “For Ice Cream” spoons.

What you need:

Steel Stamps

Triple Zero Steel Wool

Non-Toxic Marker


Steel Block

Silverware (spoons)

For instructions watch the Studio 5 video above or see Lisa’s blog post:

For a complete $65 kit with everything you’ll need to stamp your spoons, check out Lisa’s Shop!

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