DIY Terrariums

Who says you have to wait until Spring to get gardening?

Brynn Larsen with Blooms & Co. shows how to create your own terrarium.

Supplies needed:
-glass vessels
-activated charcoal pieces, small pebbles or sand
-potting soil
-terrarium appropriate plants/succulents
-sheet moss
-watering can
-trowel or small shovel

-paint brush
-tweezers or chopsticks

-other decorative items like sticks, shells, stones or little toys

Suggested plants:
-moon valley friendship plants
-variegated spider fern (use moist potting soil)
-starfish plant
-nerve plant
-aurea (can grow fast sleep trimmed)
-succulents and air plants (not recommended to mix with other plants as they require different soil)

Fill about 1inch of the bottom of your vessel with sand, small pebbles or charcoal depending on your desired look.

Add appropriate potting soil and pack every two inches to avoid air pockets. For this project I used a Cactus, Palm and Citrus soil for fast drainage since I will be planting a succulent.

Remove plant from container and place into soil. You can use your fingers or a small shovel to dig a little spot for your plant. Fill the space around your plant with extra soil and be sure to pack down the soil to keep your succulent in place.

A small brush can be used to move dirt around and to remove it from your plant.

Now you can add moss, little branches, bark or other decorative items to personalize your terrarium. Also be sure to give your plants a little drink of water to help the settle and root into the soil. Your terrarium might need water a few times during the first week then once a week should be sufficient. Check the soil before watering, it shouldn’t be too damp since the inside of the terrarium will be humid and moist.

Finally, add a lid and enjoy! This makes a great gift, centerpiece or addition to your bookshelf or coffee table. Happy planting!

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