DIY Vintage Bed Skirts

From yard sales to second-hand stores, vintage
are some of the easiest items to pick up. We’re talking
hand-stitched tablecloths, embroidered pillowcases and
doilies in all sizes and shapes.

And Julie Smith from The Summer Flea says vintage
fabrics are becoming some of the hottest finds at flea

One way to use them is with a layered bedskirt. Here the
bed skirt pulls together a vintage look. It plays on the
trend away from a matchy-matchy bed-in-a-bag look, and
toward a loosely-contrived, more thrown together “boho”

Q. What supplies are needed to make?

Glue Gun


Tape Measure




1- Find your fabrics – Flea markets are a great place to
find fabrics for not a lot of money. You can find vintage
remnants, bedding, table clothes, dish towels and clothes.

2- Cut your fabric with scissors to the length needed,
these strips can be any width you think is best for the
fabric you have selected. I cut the fabric to fit a
standard queen bed. Cut 2 sides at 77″ x 16″ this allows
for 1″of extra material to help make it around the corners
at the foot of the bed. At the foot of the bed, cut 1
piece of fabric 64″ x 16″, this allows for 4 extra inches
of fabric to make it around the corners at the foot of the

3. Layer other fabric of choice (or leave as single
fabric) if layering, attach the 2 pieces together with a
brads every few inches. This fabric can be cut at any
height you want for layering effect.

4. Hot glue Velcro strips about every 6 inches on the top
of the box springs where the box springs begins to curve.

5. Hot glue Velcro about every 6 inches on the back side
of the layered fabrics and attach it to the strips of
Velcro on the box springs as you move around the bed.

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