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Do teens deserve privacy on devices? Here are 5 ways to work through the issue with them

Whether or not teens deserve privacy is a question we’re thinking about in the summer months.

School is out, which means teens are bound to be spending a lot more time on their devices. Your first instinct might be to spy, or force them to keep the doors open.

Child Psychologist Dr. Ann Louise Lockhart says parents are missing an opportunity to teach kids independence. She shares her view on the always-present cell phone battle, and the question at the heart of it: do teens deserve privacy?

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5 Ways to Manage Teen Privacy on Devices

To give teens privacy, while keeping them safe online, Dr. Lockhart suggests parents:

  1. Maintain an open dialogue with their teen
  2. Know their friends and their friends’ parents
  3. Talk about the things that interest them
  4. Balance privacy with supervision
  5. Encourage responsible decision-making

It all comes down to encouraging a collaborative environment. You should be fully present when talking to your teen, non-judgmental and use inviting language.

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