Don’t Hit Send Just to Fit In: Cyber Bullying

The new children’s book. “Don’t Hit Send Just to Fit In,” is bringing light to the issue of cyber bullying. Author Danielle Tiano and psychologist Karen Child Ogden share tips to help parents hone in on the problem.

What Parents Can Do to Keep Their Children Safe on the Internet:

o Communicate with your child; teach them about the potential dangers of the Internet, chat rooms, social networking sites, pornography, etc.

o Monitor Internet use at all times; computers should be in a central location, not behind closed doors of bedroom

o Track Internet history and cookies daily, review websites and chat rooms visited

o Review and Install the most current Internet Filtering Software with information on

o Be aware of changes in attitude, mood, grades, sleeping, or eating habits

5 Signs That Your Child Is a Cyber Bully

1) Quickly changes or closes the computer screen when others walk by.

2) Uses his/her cell phone or computer all hours of the day and night.

3) Laughs excessively while on his/her cell phone or computer.

4) Has multiple online accounts that are often hidden from parents.

5) Talks harshly about others, especially when with friends.

5 Signs That You Child is Being Cyber Bullied

1) Changes in mood or demeanor when an instant message or text message appears.

2) Avoids talking about school, friends, or what they do online.

3) Crying, anxiety and depression, especially after using a cell phone or computer.

4) School refusal. Makes excuses not to go to school.

5) Withdrawn from family, friends or usual activities. Changes in eating or sleeping.

5 Signs Your Child Needs Cell Phone/Texting Etiquette

1) Texting affects your child’s education and attention span in school.

2) Your child texts more than he/she talks face to face, losing vital communication skills.

3) Your child texts his/her friends when sitting right next to them.

4) Your child suffers from finger/joint pain due to constant texting.

5) Your child is attached to their cell phone 24/7 and can’t seem to live without it.

5 Signs That Your Child May Be Viewing Pornography

1) Quickly changes or closes the computer screen when you walk by. Erased history.

2) Spending unusual amounts of time alone, on the computer, or in their room.

3) Depression, anxiety or increased agitation.

4) Refusing to let others look at his/her cell phone.

5) Changes in grades, sleeping or eating habits.

Author Danielle Tiano is the Founder of Beyond Your Words. She writes about difficult subject matter for children such as childhood obesity, attention deficit disorder, self esteem, addictions and behavior traits. She focuses on helping children with the many issues they are faced with every day.

Contributor Karen Child Ogden is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist with private practice in Costa Mesa, CA. She works with families and children on topics such as pornography addiction, self esteem, and parenting issues

For more information about the book “Don’t Hit Send Just to Fit In,” and the Temptation of a Generation series,

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